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For each language, the original transcripts from TED are available here as UTF-8 encoded XML files.

 af, Afrikaans    download   [19 talks]

 amh, Amharic    download   [1 talk]

 ar, Arabic    download   [1024 talks]

 az, Azerbaijani    download   [39 talks]

 bg, Bulgarian    download   [1057 talks]

 bi, Bislama    download   [1 talk]

 bn, Bengali    download   [18 talks]

 bs, Bosnian    download   [34 talks]

 ca, Catalan, Valencian    download   [156 talks]

 ceb, Cebuano    download   [1 talk]

 cs, Czech    download   [557 talks]

 da, Danish    download   [170 talks]

 de, German    download   [1032 talks]

 el, Greek    download   [708 talks]

 en, English    download   [1112 talks]

 eo, Esperanto    download   [50 talks]

 es, Spanish, Castilian    download   [1098 talks]

 et, Estonian    download   [73 talks]

 eu, Basque    download   [29 talks]

 fa, Persian    download   [551 talks]

 fi, Finnish    download   [142 talks]

 fil, Filipino    download   [37 talks]

 fr-ca, French (Canada)    download   [137 talks]

 fr, French    download   [1094 talks]

 gl, Galician    download   [57 talks]

 gu, Gujarati    download   [5 talks]

 hau, Hausa    download   [1 talk]

 he, Hebrew    download   [1031 talks]

 hi, Hindi    download   [114 talks]

 hr, Croatian    download   [733 talks]

 hu, Hungarian    download   [746 talks]

 hup, Hupa    download   [1 talk]

 hy, Armenian    download   [231 talks]

 id, Indonesian    download   [601 talks]

 inh, Ingush    download   [1 talk]

 is, Icelandic    download   [10 talks]

 it, Italian    download   [1109 talks]

 ja, Japanese    download   [797 talks]

 ka, Georgian    download   [68 talks]

 kk, Kazakh    download   [7 talks]

 kn, Kannada    download   [9 talks]

 ko, Korean    download   [1076 talks]

 ky, Kirghiz, Kyrgyz    download   [7 talks]

 lo, Lao    download   [2 talks]

 lt, Lithuanian    download   [245 talks]

 ltz, Letzeburgesch    download   [1 talk]

 lv, Latvian    download   [145 talks]

 mk, Macedonian    download   [166 talks]

 ml, Malayalam    download   [4 talks]

 mn, Mongolian    download   [27 talks]

 mr, Marathi    download   [26 talks]

 ms, Malay    download   [38 talks]

 my, Burmese    download   [15 talks]

 nb, Norwegian Bokmål    download   [145 talks]

 ne, Nepali    download   [5 talks]

 nl, Dutch, Flemish    download   [1026 talks]

 nn, Norwegian Nynorsk    download   [10 talks]

 pl, Polish    download   [1055 talks]

 pt-br, Portuguese (Brazil)    download   [1102 talks]

 pt, Portuguese    download   [682 talks]

 ro, Romanian    download   [1096 talks]

 ru, Russian    download   [940 talks]

 rup, Macedo-Romanian    download   [11 talks]

 sh, Serbo-Croatian    download   [12 talks]

 si, Sinhala    download   [3 talks]

 sk, Slovak    download   [439 talks]

 sl, Slovenian    download   [149 talks]

 sq, Albanian    download   [339 talks]

 sr, Serbian    download   [550 talks]

 sv, Swedish    download   [319 talks]

 swa, Swahili    download   [8 talks]

 ta, Tamil    download   [49 talks]

 te, Telugu    download   [11 talks]

 th, Thai    download   [317 talks]

 tl, Tagalog    download   [13 talks]

 tlh, Klingon    download   [1 talk]

 tr, Turkish    download   [1005 talks]

 uk, Ukrainian    download   [369 talks]

 ur, Urdu    download   [22 talks]

 uz, Uzbek    download   [40 talks]

 vi, Vietnamese    download   [692 talks]

 zh-cn, Simplified Chinese    download   [1057 talks]

 zh-tw, Chinese, Traditional    download   [1050 talks]

 zh, Simplified Chinese    download   [44 talks]

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