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The IWSLT 2016 Evaluation Campaign does not include any task on the Arabic/Hebrew pair. Exceptionally, for both Arabic-to-Hebrew and Hebrew-to-Arabic directions, here you can find training, development and evaluation sets built upon the latest available XML files (April 2016) of the two languages.

For the two directions, training, development and evaluation sets are linked to the corresponding entry of the table below: by clicking, an archive will be downloaded which contains the sets and a README file. Numbers in the table refer to millions of units (untokenized words) of the target side of parallel training data.

Acknowledgments: This release was developed with the valuable contribution of Yonatan Belinkov, MIT (Massachusetts, United States).

If you use this corpus in your work, please cite the paper:

M. Cettolo. 2016. An Arabic-Hebrew parallel corpus of TED talks. In Proc. of the AMTA Workshop on Semitic Machine Translation (SeMaT), Austin, US-TX. pdf, bib.


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