IWSLT 2013

One more pair beyond the evaluation campaign: German-French 

The IWSLT 2013 evaluation campaign did not include any task on the German/French pair. Exceptionally, for both German-to-French and French-to-German directions, here you can find training, development and the progressive test sets built upon the original XML files of German and French used for preparing the release 2013-01 of WIT3.

If you use this corpus in your work, please cite the paper:

M. Cettolo, C. Girardi, and M. Federico. 2012. WIT3: Web Inventory of Transcribed and Translated Talks. In Proc. of EAMT, pp. 261-268, Trento, Italy. pdf, bib.

The archive with training and development sets is available at this link.

The archive with test sets is available at this link.